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Avoid Scalding Burns With The Tip N’ Sip

Tip n' Sip (Image courtesy the Herrington Catalog) By Andrew Liszewski

While I’ve already made my indifference towards coffee quite clear in earlier posts there are still plenty of hot beverages I do enjoy that have occasionally left me with severe internal burns.

To avoid this problem the creators of the Tip n’ Sip have added a special ‘temperature control chamber’ to the top of the mug that can be used to cool down your next sip while the rest of the beverage remains piping hot below. Just tip the mug to fill the top chamber with a mouthful of your drink and then swish it around a few times to take advantage of their “thermodynamic transfer technology!” which cools it down to the “perfect zone” of 150-170?. The lid of the mug can be locked making it leak and spill proof for traveling and the temperature control chamber can be bypassed all together if you prefer to walk on the wild side.

The Tip n’ Sip mug is available from the Herrington Catalog for $19.95.

[ Tip n’ Sip ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]


One response to “Avoid Scalding Burns With The Tip N’ Sip”

  1. Mark says:

    wouldent that mean that the top part will not insulate as well as it should?
    Other than that, i think its a clever gizmo at a reasonable price.