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Walletex Wallet MP3 Player Actually Exists!

Walletex Wallet MP3 Player (Images courtesy Krunker)
By Andrew Liszewski

A week or so ago this Wallet MP3 Player from Walletex was announced and while it was destined to be released sometime in June of 2007 I didn’t want to post the story because there were no actual pictures of the device. It’s not that I thought it was vaporware or anything, I just felt that actually seeing the thing was important.

Well the good people at Krunker seem to have dug up a couple of photos of the player which I’ve included above. To recap, at just slightly thicker than a credit card the Wallet MP3 is basically the world’s slimmest MP3 player. It’s all solid state of course and includes a built-in double sided USB connector which is also used as the headphone jack with a small adapter. The player will be available in sizes ranging from 128Mb to 2Gb and can even be produced with custom graphics and used for promotional purposes. (ex. tradeshow giveaways)

Walletex says the Wallet MP3 will be available by June of 2007 but no pricing info has been released.

[ Walletex Wallet MP3 Player ] VIA [ Krunker ]