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Skateslider (Image courtesy Pro-Idee) By Andrew Liszewski

As if the tried and true winter sports weren’t already dangerous enough people keep trying to come up with variations that you just know aren’t going to end well even before you hit the slopes.

The Skateslider is basically a cross between skiing and inline skating. In fact the hardware consists of a set of miniature skis that connect directly to any pair of inline skates. (Once the wheels are removed of course.) The movements used with the Skatesliders are apparently “almost identical to skating” and can be quickly learned if you already have experience with inline skates. The bottoms of the Skatesliders never need waxing and they’re far easier to transport than a full set of skis are. Of course I am left wondering something. Part of the reason real skis are so long is that they distribute your weight across a greater surface area helping you not to completely sink into the snow. Since these are clearly a lot smaller can they still be used when the snow gets on the deep side?

The Skatesliders conversion kit is available from Pro-Idee for about $70.

[ Skateslider @ Pro-Idee ]


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