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Gaffer’s Bounce Lamp

Gaffer's Bounce Lamp (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

Oh look, it’s the first official designer lamp of the new year! Like I’ve mentioned in the past the lamp seems to be a preferred target for designers and like any good lamp this one combines good looks with great functionality.

Created by motion picture gaffer Edwared Cohen (the lighting/electrical people) and sculpted by David Johnson the bounce lamp projects a 20-watt floodlight onto a sanded polycarbonate surface that reflects back a soft, diffuse light. While most lights use a bright, direct source that can cause eyestrain the bounce lamp produces a gentle illumination with no glare. It stands about 13 inches tall which makes it ideal for us on a desk or table but will probably have your co-workers asking you what’s with the sailboat?

The bounce lamp is currently available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $99.95.

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