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Wii Media Center X – Verdict: Great Potential

Wii Media Center X (Image courtesy Red Kawa)
By Andrew Liszewski

While Nintendo has made a pretty firm stance that the Wii was designed solely as a gaming machine the addition of the Opera browser last week has opened up a lot of potential for the little white box. Besides the ability to surf the web and of course waste many hours on YouTube from the comfort of your couch the browser now gives developers a new way to access the system.

The Wii Media Center X from Red Kawa is one such example of how programmers are taking advantage of the Wii’s web browsing capabilities in unique ways. By turning your PC into a media streaming server the software allows the Wii to access pictures, MP3s and even videos on your computer without having to first move them to an SD card. The software is currently available for download on their website in an early alpha version and while I couldn’t get it to actually do much it does show some potential. (The only tutorials on how to get things running exist in the forums which I didn’t have time to read. For the time being I’m just going to hold off until they release a more functional beta version with actual instructions.)

Oh and if you haven’t successfully traded that PS3 you bought for a Wii yet there’s a version of the Media Center X for that console too.

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