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Homer Simpsons 3D Sculpture Puzzle

Homer Sculpture Puzzle (Image courtesy Hawkin's Bazaar)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m sure we all remember those 3D puzzles that were all the rage a few years back. They were just like the 2D versions except that in the end instead of having a nice, flat, easy to store picture you were left with some massive structure that no one really knew what to do with.

This 3D Homer sculpture puzzle on the other hand I would proudly display on the fireplace mantle or even as a dinner table centerpiece. Where as most 3D puzzles use thick styrofoam pieces to give the final result some structure this Homer puzzle is actually composed of 150 traditional 2D puzzles which stack on top of each other. Eventually when all the puzzles are completed and stacked (don’t worry they’re sequentially numbered making them easy to stack properly) you’re left with a 3D bust of Homer’s head which actually looks pretty impressive. The photo here shows a nearly completed product but keep in mind once assembled the Homer bust is actually a solid gray color and you’ll need to use a set of included paints to give his skin that healthy yellow glow.

The Homer Sculpture Puzzle is available from Hawkin’s Bazaar for about $50.

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