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OGCC Day 23 – Christmas Hummer H2 Christmas Hummer H2 (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 23 (Image property of OhGizmo)It seems this is the ideal year for Santa to finally upgrade his trusty sleigh and reindeer for something a bit more with the times. Munich-based which is well known for creating some over-the-top customizations has decided that this year a Hummer H2 would be the perfect ride for jolly old Saint Nick… well after a few modifications of course.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the standard doors on the H2 now swing upwards instead of out which could make getting in and out a bit easier for someone with a midsection that has been described as a bowlful of jelly. The roof rack has been modified to accommodate the essentials of winter sports too and now holds a couple of snowboards, an old-fashioned sled, curling stones and of course hockey sticks. In addition to the bright red paint scheme the exterior of the Hummer also benefits from the addition of 250 LED lamps that follow the lines of the vehicle and light up at night.

However it’s the inside of the H2 that most will be impressed with. It’s finished in red leather and carpet with walnut-burl accents and even has a fake white bearskin rug. Other features include a 3,800 watt JBL sound system, 42-inch LCD TV with digital receiver and DVD player, integrated heated thermos cans with a cookie warmer and to top it all off an electric fireplace complete with chimney.

The Christmas-edition Hummer was created for a European TV show called Galileo and is estimated to have cost around $144,000 to make. In the end the vehicle was raffled off to one extremely lucky viewer.

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