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RC Diving Nemo Submarine

Diving Fish Nemo RTR RC Toy Submarine (Image courtesy Hobbytron)By Andrew Liszewski

It should be pretty clear to most adults that you’re not looking at an officially licensed Disney/Pixar product here but I’m sure any kids enamored with the Finding Nemo film won’t notice or care. While the sub is clearly modelled after the Nemo character it takes a bit of creative licensing with the addition of LED eyes and propeller equipped fins.

Shane McGlaun from I4U News recently reviewed the Nemo sub and walked away pretty impressed given what the toy actually costs. The remote is powered by 6 AA batteries and like with a lot of knock-off RC toys these days is also used to recharge the sub. 2 minutes of charging yields about 15 minutes of play time. Not too shabby. To overcome the problems of making a watertight on/off switch the sub instead uses a plastic covered jumper like you’d find in a PC. Just attach the jumper to the underside of the sub, make sure Nemo’s eyes glow blue indicating he’s charged and then hold it under water for a few seconds so it can fill with water and stabilize. After that just hit the throttle and terrorize the local residents of your aquarium.

The Nemo-esque RC sub is currently available from Hobbytron for a measly $9.97 making it probably more disposable than the fish in your aquarium are.

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