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WaterField Designs DS Lite Case

WaterField Designs DS Lite Case (Image courtesy WF Designs) By Andrew Liszewski

The iPod seems to get all the love from third parties when it comes to cases and accessories but it makes sense given just how many of them have been sold over the past 5 years. But the Nintendo DS has also become a runaway hit selling millions of units so it’s nice to finally see other companies starting to recognize that.

WaterField Designs who frequent readers of OhGizmo will already be familiar with thanks to my past reviews of their products has recently started selling a DS Lite case of their own. Made from ballistic nylon with a double layer leather flap the case holds the unit itself and has pockets for 3 DS games and even a sheath to hold the extra stylus. On the back of the case you’ll find a zippered pocket where you can safely cram all your other stuff including GBA games, headphones or even the charger.

The DS Lite Case is currently available from WF Designs for $39. The exterior of the flap is available in a standard black or patterned design while the underside of the flap can be ordered in black, kiwi or pink leather.

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