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OGCC Day 19 – SnoWonder Instant Snow

SnoWonder (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 19 (Image property of OhGizmo)The chances of having a naturally white Christmas drastically increase the farther north you live but then again so does the chances of having a heart attack while you shovel the white stuff away. So those of you who choose to live in slightly warmer climates probably have a slim chance of seeing snow on Christmas morn. But since you’ve already got the fake tree, fake fireplace, fake LED candles and fake pine scent drifting through the house why stop there? With a bucket of water and a packet of instant snow you can guarantee a white Christmas no matter where you live.

SnoWonder is a non-toxic plastic based material that when mixed with water expands 50 to 100 times its original volume resulting in a material that looks pretty close to real snow. Because the final product is 99% water it also has the tendency to feel cold even when used indoors but of course won’t melt all over the place. A batch of SnoWonder can last for months at a time but may need the occasional misting to compensate for natural surface evaporation drying it out. The product is also environmentally friendly allowing it to be safely disposed of no matter what time of year you finally decide the holidays are over.

SnoWonder comes in a wide variety of sizes from a $2.95 packet perfect for sticking in a stocking to a $595, 44 pound tub which can be used to keep snow in your backyard all year round.

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