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Arango Design Swing Cocktail Table

Swing Cocktail Table (Image courtesy Arango Design)By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a great example of form and function playing nicely together. This cocktail table from designers Leila Guerra and Arnaldo Gamba consists of two thick panels of tempered glass. One piece is used for the top of the table while the other serves as a shelf on the bottom.

The legs of the table though is where it really stands out. They’re all angled about 45 degrees in the same direction which means the top section of the table extends about 10 inches out from the fixed bottom. The legs also allow the top section to swivel which makes accessing books and such on the bottom a lot easier. Of course I like the fact that the table can also be swung in towards a couch allowing you to easily eat dinner in front of the TV when necessary. (And by necessary I mean daily.)

The table is available for purchase but you need to contact Arango Design for a quote so odds are we’re not talking IKEA pricing.

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