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OGCC Day 14 – Wrapping Paper Invaders

Wrapping Paper Invaders (Image courtesy Whimsy Press) By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 14 (Image property of OhGizmo) If you liked yesterday’s post of those classic gaming-themed scarves so much that you just had to buy one as the perfect gift for someone make sure you wrap it up properly. Snowflakes and Christmas tree patterns might seem like the appropriate wrapping paper to use but I suggest going that extra mile if you really want to impress the giftee.

From Whimsy Press comes this Paper Invaders wrapping paper that is adorned with classic ‘space-invader-esque’ graphics on both sides. You know those people who spend 25 minutes carefully opening a gift in order to preserve the wrapping paper? Well getting a present wrapped in this stuff would be the only time that kind of thing was actually acceptable.

A single sheet of Paper Invaders wrapping paper (24″ x 36″) runs $4.50 and is available on the Whimsy Press website. There are also other patterns available in their ‘Dude Wrap’ series but this is the only one that really fit our geeky motif.

[ Whimsy Press Paper Invaders ] VIA [ Cool Hunting ]


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