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Solar Powered Outdoor Thermometer

Solar Powered Outdoor Thermometer (Image courtesy Solutions)
By Andrew Liszewski

As if getting up from the computer and going outside wasn’t already hard enough, this time of year it’s made even more difficult for a lot of us thanks to temperatures heading on down to the freezing mark. However I have found that things can be a bit more bearable if you take that extra two seconds to find out what the temperature outside really is before heading out.

If for some reason you’ve lost cable or satellite and don’t have access to the Weather Network or their website and all of the radios in your house are either broken or batteryless and the morning paper didn’t arrive you can always turn to this solar powered outdoor thermometer as a last resort. At 43 inches tall the numbers can easily be seen from across the backyard and it’s even legible in the dark thanks to a set of bright white LEDs that are charged during the day via a solar panel on top. No extra wiring or extension cords are needed, just jam the thermometer into some soft soil and you’ll be prepared for any emergency.

If you also fear that day when you might be cut off from all sources of news media then you can get your own solar powered thermometer from for $39.95.

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