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Micro Display Designer Glasses

Mini Display

By David Edney

We’ve all seen the goggles that can project a 50 inch screen in front of your eyes, but no one would be caught dead wearing them. To get more in style with the times, Lumus-Optical has come out with a prototype pair of glasses that have twin micro displays attached to them. They get 640×480 resolution and even come with a teeny projector that goes on the arm. They accept video inputs, but no one knows how yet, because it is undisclosed. They claim they can project an image that is like watching a 60 inch screen from 10 feet away. The Light guide Optical Element technology allows the image to be reflected back on to the lenses so users can still drive while watching a movie. They will hopefully have a demo available by 2007 CES.

VIA [ Engadget ]