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Ford Racing Arcade Unit x2!

Ford Racing Arcade Unit (Image courtesy Amazon)By Andrew Liszewski

I distinctly remember many years ago when one of my childhood dreams was pretty much shattered. Back then having your own arcade driving game at home was probably as good as things could get especially considering how amazing the graphics were compared to the NES or Sega Master Systems we all had.

Unfortunately one day I read a story in the paper about a local arcade owner and he mentioned that a single seat of the Daytona racing arcade game cost $15,000 and it had to be bought outright, not rented or leased. Sadly by that time I had a pretty good understanding of how much money $15k really was and quickly accepted the fact I would not be owning one of these in the near future.

Well here I am many years later and it seems the opportunity to own my own arcade system has finally materialized. Amazon is currently selling a twin unit of the Ford Racing arcade game complete with force feedback steering wheels, foot pedals and racing-inspired seats. Unfortunately though now that I’m an older kid who has to pay for grown-up related things the $18,999 that Amazon is asking for the arcade unit will force me to let that dream pass once again…

[ Ford Racing Arcade Game ] VIA [ Uncrate ]