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OGCC Day 12 – Fire & Ice Candles

Mathmos Thaw Tea Lights (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 12 (Image property of OhGizmo)Whether you’re having the family over for the big day, friends over for a party or happen to be a closet pyromaniac, candles seem to be one of the preferred ways to create a bit of atmosphere during the holiday season. But let’s face it you’re not gonna find a story on just any old candles on OhGizmo are you? I’m afraid not.

The Mathmos Thaw is a simple tea light that uses ice as a unique diffuser around the candle’s flame. The lights include a silicone mould that you fill with water and freeze over night. When the guests arrive simply remove the diffuser from the freezer and place it on the polished steel base that holds the actual candle. As the flame burns the ice of course melts away but creates an ever-changing display over the 3 hours or so it takes for the ice to completely disappear. And not to worry as the ice melts the water is collected in the base of the tea light as opposed to flowing all over your dining room table or fireplace mantle.

The Mathos Thaw tea lights are available from for about $47 and come in either blue or white colors for the base.

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