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Keyspan TuneView Now Shipping

Keyspan TuneView (Images courtesy Keyspan)By Andrew Liszewski

The TuneView remote from Keyspan was supposed to be released sometime in May of this year but has been delayed for 6 or 7 months now. Thankfully what started out as another Optimus keyboard situation has managed to avoid becoming a Phantom Console or Duke Nukem Forever because at long last the TuneView is actually shipping!

To refresh your memory the TuneView remote can control your iPod from anywhere in your home while it’s placed in a special dock. (The 2.4 Ghz RF signal used should function at distances of 150 feet or more.) Of course what makes controlling your iPod from that distance possible is the fact that the TuneView has its own color screen that’s basically an exact duplicate of the iPod’s own GUI allowing you to see the contents of your music and video collection right on the remote. (So how long before Apple’s lawyers come knocking?)

The TuneView supports pretty much all iPods with the dock connector and is available for purchase on their website for $179.99.

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