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iriver S10 MP3 Player Reviewed. Verdict: Sexiest Winner, but No US Availability (Yet)

By Ian Chiu

To better describe the iriver S10, we’d use “small & stylish”. The midget MP3 player from the Korean portable audio maker is easily the sexist in the market (non-American market anyway). Measuring 1.6″ x 1.2″ x 0.33″, the thickness of the player is only half the length of a US quarter. Even compared to any thumbdrives, the S10 is very small. The vibrant OLED with a 180-degree viewing angle dominates the front of the player, and D-Click navigation system comes from the iRiver Clix. Unfortunately, for a flash player, the S10 scores only 7.5 hrs of playback life (4.25 with the display always on), and it still ships with the lame in-house music manager. UMS is still there, fortunately.

Small. Stylish. The two words go hand-in-hand, and such is the case with the iRiver S10, the smallest MP3 player on the market with a screen. Smaller-than-a-car-remote small. Dangling from your non-American neck this small 2GB player will amaze your friends as the 1.15″ OLED display dances to your music and displays your loved ones in vibrant color, all the while filling your ears with SRS-enhanced sound. Did we mention how tiny this thing is?

[iriver S10 MP3 Player Review @ Everything USB]

  • Nagga

    All Americans please admit it, nobody loves you anymore. That would be fine with me if the asians would embrace europe as the next market, but instead they choose to play with their own.

  • Kong imported the S10 to the state and they have been selling the players for couple months already. They offer a bonus package including a case, screen protector and FM transmitter. I ordered my player last week and received my package within 2 days by FedEx Express. The delivery time was awesomely fast, I just don’t know how they got this good, and how they stay this good.