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Tabletop GlassFire Smokeless Fireplace

Tabletop GlassFire Smokeless Fireplace (Image courtesy Frontgate)By Andrew Liszewski

You know it’s not like mankind really needs to deal with fire anymore, at least not in the form of an open flame that is. Sure I realize the actual chemical reaction is still pretty vital to our existence but things like candles and fireplaces can easily (and safely) be replaced with electric alternatives. However deep down we still have some odd connection to those glowing flames that keeps us fascinated.

So to satisfy this obsession here’s yet another addition to the long list of replacements for the traditional fireplace. This tabletop model is made of heavy Italian glass to show off the dancing flames and includes an aluminum base which also helps reflect the light. And while it includes a couple of fake wooden logs it actually burns Fanola Gel Fuel instead of wood which means it produces no smoke or soot allowing it to be placed anywhere in your home.

Sadly our addiction to fire, like any addiction doesn’t come cheap. The GlassFire fireplace is available from Frontgate for $549.

[ GlassFire Fireplace ] VIA [ The Green Head ]