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Intellicot Cot For The Lazy Parent

Cencio Intellicot Cot (Image courtesy Cencio)By Andrew Liszewski

Television makes a fine babysitter but what’s a parent supposed to do when the child needs to sleep? They can’t spend the night taking up valuable couch real-estate. Thankfully a group of British design students have come up with a way to ignore your kids while they sleep too.

First off the Intellicot has a built-in video camera with portable monitor that allows you to hear and see what the child is doing at all times. It can even be plugged into a television so you can show junior off to your friends and family without having to actually be anywhere near the child. The cot can also rock back and forth on its own with a gentle motion like a baby in a mother’s arms. You know what also has that motion? The baby actually being in the mother’s arms. It even includes an automatic lift which raises the child several feet at the push of a button making it easier to pick them up and reducing back strain. (Lift with your knees people!)

The Intellicot will be available for sale some time in 2007 and hopefully they’ll create a deluxe model that includes a TV so the child will never really have to leave the crib until pre-school starts.

[ Cencio Intellicot Cot ] VIA [ Gear Live ]