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The Idiot Proof Website

logo.gifBy David Ponce

God forgot to give one of your friends even one brain cell? Using them Internet tubes got them all flustered? Fear not, because even idiots can now enjoy the web. Just send them to the Idiot Proof Website. Can’t really be described. It must be experienced. So, take two seconds, and see why it’s named the way it is.

[ Idiot Proof Website ] VIA [ FayerWayer ]


2 responses to “The Idiot Proof Website”

  1. Philbert says:

    Too bad teh guy writing the html for this thing was an idiot.
    He misspelled the …

  2. Philbert says:

    That’s painful…
    I misspelled the word ‘the’ myself, and found out that ohgizmo can’t handle html tags. I meant to say:
    He misspelled the <title>