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IncipioBud USB Connector For iPod Shuffle 2G

incipiobudBy David Ponce

It’s the small, seemingly insignificant gadgets that can sometimes make a world of difference. Take this little device, from company Incipio. It’s called, somewhat narcissistically, IncipioBud, and all it does is allow you to connect your brand new 2G iPod Shuffle directly to a computer’s USB port, bypassing the dock altogether.

Yeah, that’s it really. Don’t wanna dock your Shuffle, get the IncipioBud, for all of $6.

[ IncipioBud ] VIA [ Xataka ]


2 responses to “IncipioBud USB Connector For iPod Shuffle 2G”

  1. dave says:

    Just tryng to make sure I’m still in the running for the giveaway.

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