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The G.R.A.D, For When Cutting Your Enemy Just Isn’t Enough

G.R.A.D. knife gun

By David Ponce

If you’ve got a secret plan of spending the rest of eternity locked up in a Federal facility someplace, try boarding a plane while carrying this here item. We have precious little information about it, but it’s essentially a knife that doubles as a gun. We pointed you to the cellphone gun some time ago. This thing is sort of similar to that, expect that, well, it’s a knife. It’s called G.R.A.D. It’s a .22 RS Knife gun that holds five .22 cal bullets in a revolver type loader. It fires with every pull of the trigger on the handle. And that’s pretty much all we know.

The sharp minded among you will probably realize that this is not anything new, and a little Googling would probably show you to be right. However, we think that it’s somewhat interesting that it’s not only cellphones and MP3 players that are converging, and we can’t wait to see someone come out with a knife/gun/fishing rod combination that’s sure to be popular on your next camping trip. Oh, and just to make this article a little more interesting, we’ve included a video after the jump.

[ G.R.A.D Knife/Gun ] VIA [ TechEBlog ]