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My Spoon Robot Feeds The Disabled, Possibly The Lazy

my spoon robotBy David Ponce

Here at OhGizmo!, we pride ourselves on being generally insensitive and self-centered. Well, at least this applies for me (I can’t speak for Andrew, who may very well be some sort of saint for all I know). I wouldn’t mind taking candy from a baby. Nor would I mind being fed by this cool robot from Japanese company Secom, called My Spoon. My Spoon is of course designed for people with disabilities that generally require a caregiver to feed them. The robot is controlled via a joystick, and allows you to feed yourself with minimal intervention from the caregiver. Its robotic arm will pick food up from the tray, and direct it towards your mouth. You still have to be able to control the little joystick, and reach up to the spoon to actually ingest the food. Some intervention is still needed, but it is reduced. Presumably, the idea would be to give back a sense of self-worth which is lost when you have to be manually spoon fed. That’s nice…

But honestly, I can totally see myself sitting in a sofa with this baby feeding me. And admit it, so do you!

No price is mentioned anywhere on the site, as this seems to be the sort of thing nursing homes and extended care facilities would likely buy, rather than private individuals. It does seem to be available for purchase though, and if you really want one, you can always get in touch with Secom.

[ Secom My Spoon ] VIA [ ink Tentacle ]