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Logitech Z10 Interactive USB Speaker System Reviewed. Verdict: Interactively Fun

By Ian Chiu

The latest buzz in the 2.1 speaker world certainly belongs to the Bose Companion 5 and the new Logitech Z10 Interactive USB Speakers. The Bose is the first to dump analog altogether in favor of USB audio. It relies on Windows to emulate virtual surround with its 2.1 setup. It’s cool, but a little too pricey at $399. The Z10 on the other hand is different in that it has a LCD embedded in the right speaker that gives you current track info, POP3 emails, RSS, game chats, and whatnot. At 13 lb., the Z10 isn’t exactly your everyday portable USB speakers that you can easily lug around. Besides the LCD, the 3″ mini woofers do an excellent job providing depth to a wide range of musical genres, and the 1″ tweeters sound exceptionally crisp. For the full review, read on…

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