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Don’t Let Cough Interrupt Your Hunt, Get A Muffler

cough silencerBy David Ponce

We’re fascinated by the fact that there seems to be an entire world out there that consider it a sport to hurl little balls of lead thousands of meters per second, right into living four-legged forest dwellers. But whatever, to each his own. Even hunters deserve gadgets. Now, we imagine that when you’ve spent the better part of the day waiting for Momo The Moose to come sauntering past your rifle’s sight, nothing would piss you off more than having to cough and scare every animal within a mile radius. But, stifling a cough isn’t fun either. So, the Cough Silencer lets you muffle it. Simply place against your lips, and cough your lungs out. The air will exit at the other end (thus letting you get the relief you need) but the sound of your lungs trying to wash away the years of Marlboro tar will not. You’ll then be free to keep reasserting your manhood hunting.

The Cough Silencer will set you back $25.

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