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Tangram Bookshelf Has Limitless Morphing Possibilities

tangram lago bookshelf

By David Ponce

Oh, what a dweeby title… Anyway.

We like furniture that makes a statement. Sometimes, we’re not sure what that statement is, but that doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that visitors come away with the impression that we have some sort of taste, even if it’s the sort of taste you wouldn’t want to introduce to your parents. And falling squarely in the questionable taste department is the Lago Tangram. It’s a bookshelf made up of 7 different-sized square slices which you can arrange in any shape you want. The only limit to what it’ll end up looking like is your imagination.

Of course, at times your imagination might be better off left inside your head, rather than proudly displayed on a wall, but we certainly don’t wish to tell you how to live your life. If you think this bookshelf’s the bees knees, we can’t even tell you how much it’ll set you back, because we can’t find a price. We can tell you it’s Italian, though, and that should say plenty all on its own.

[ Lago Tangram Bookshelf ] VIA [ SciFi Tech ]


3 responses to “Tangram Bookshelf Has Limitless Morphing Possibilities”

  1. Elliott Cable says:

    Italian eh? White painted wood, will take all of an hour to build my own set. In literally any shape I want. Thanks for giving me the unpriceable idea to steal for nearly free! (-:

  2. Nagga says:

    Do they have an elegant solution to cover up all the drill holes after you re-arranged your blocks?

  3. Stephen says:

    Black spackle? πŸ™‚