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We Have A Winner

Okay, well, it’s Monday. That means we get to announce the winner of our Neuros Giveaway. Well, it’s “Vi”, with this comment. And, we chose it entirely randomly. We scrolled the mouse and stopped somewhere on the screen, and the cursor was on Vi. It was random, except that Vi, being persistent, entered three times, thus increasing her chances. Of course, if she had entered thirty times instead, we would have gotten pissed and excluded her altogether. There’s a line between persistence and spammance, and we’re glad no one abused. We got about 135 comments, which is pretty sweet. A lot of creativity, and we liked that, but in the end we decided that we wouldn’t have time to deal with all the hate mail if we chose one joke, stupid comment, copy-pasted short story (yeah, monkey boy, we Googled it and we know it ain’t yours) over another. So, to be fair, we went random.

And for those of you with the blues, don’t despair. We got something coming up, and you’ll almost be glad you didn’t win.