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The Elica Lamp Begs To Be Blown

elica lamp By David Ponce

We love it when a new gadget makes us chuckle; it usually means we get to ridicule it publicly, and the Elica Lamp is one such subject. Its designers sought a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist by making the on/off switch… a helix. Yeah, so if you want to turn your artsy lamp on, you blow on it. Turn it off? Blow on it again. It’s kind of like those “clap-on” lamps sold on infomercials some time back, but worse. Of course this way you don’t have to actually touch it, and we suppose this could be great to the severe germophobes out there. But we can’t help but feel that there’s really no point to it altogether. The company tries to emphasize the “windpower” connection, a point which is really sort of moot since you have to plug the lamp in the wall socket anyway to power it up. And the price for all this pointlessness? How about 150 lovely European ones, on pre-order?

[ Elica Lamp ] VIA [ Crave ]


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