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KIDSKEY Keyboard – You Know, For Kids

KIDSKEY Keyboard (Image courtesy Califone) By Andrew Liszewski

Though the bright colors may seem to indicate ‘for kids only’ I think this product is far more suited to homerow-challenged adults like my parents for example. I will admit that since being introduced to email they’re definitely getting better but neither of them will be moving away from their two-finger typing style anytime soon.

The KIDSKEY is actually designed to help children learn proper typing skills and the layout of a standard QWERTY keyboard since the number, vowel and consonant keys are all color coded so they stand out. However given what age most children start using computers these days I don’t think there’s any worry that future generations will be anything but flawless typists. It’s the current and older generations we have to worry about.

The KIDSKEY is available on the Califone website for $29.

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2 responses to “KIDSKEY Keyboard – You Know, For Kids”

  1. Wizbit says:

    Not only is this for Kids but as the reviewer said, “typing-challenged” adults as well. The keyboard seemed to have been designed by someone who is high on acid, but lets face it, at least it cheers up an otherwise dull desk!

  2. chiodos says:

    haha. hudsucker.