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eStarling Wireless Digital Photo Frame

eStarling Digital Photo Frame (Image courtesy PF Digital Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

If I was ever in the market for one of these fancy digital photo frames I would definitely put this eStarling at the top of my list. Besides all the usual features like an improved 7-inch LCD screen and a built-in card slot supporting MMC, SD, MS and CF the eStarling is also Wifi equipped. (802.11 b/g) For the initial setup you need to connect the frame to your PC via a USB cable but once everything is running properly (WEP codes etc.) the picture frame will be able to receive photos wirelessly.

What’s even more impressive is that the eStarling can be setup to automatically retrieve images from the RSS feeds of most online photo services like Flickr, Picasa and even Webshots. Alternately the eStarling also supports standard POP email so you could setup a custom Gmail address for it and then any photos sent to that account will appear on the frame. Of course the 128Mb of internal storage is pretty small by today’s standards so hopefully the frame is able to write images to an inserted memory card as well.

The eStarling appears to be exclusively available from ThinkGeek for $249.99.

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