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Credit Card Sized Personal Alarm

Emergency Flashcard (Image courtesy AJ Prindle)By Andrew Liszewski

In my neck of the woods it gets dark out very, very early this time of year and being in a downtown setting it can make even everyday tasks like walking home from work a bit more dangerous. Thankfully since I rarely leave this computer desk prison of mine it’s not an issue for me but I know for others it can be a real concern.

If a personal alarm gives you a bit more peace of mind then this credit-card sized version will ensure you always have one on hand. Besides an ear-piercing siren the Flashcard also includes a single LED to be used as a flashlight and 3 other red LEDs that function as a safety flasher. It has a waterproof body and the included battery is rated for about 50 hours of light.

The Emergency Flashcard is available from AJ Prindle for $14.95.

[ Emergency Flashcard with light & siren ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]