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Find It With The Loc8tor

loc8tor By David Edney

Have you been told that you forget everything? Tired of losing your keys when you need to get going? Well look no further. Now you can be a normal responsible person, unlike me, and never ever forget or lose any item again. Using small Radio Frequency (RF) tags, the Loc8tor will notify you where your items are up to 600 feet away by using audio and visual cues. Kind of like a metal detector. You can also use it as an invisible safety zone: if someone or something goes out of that zone, it alerts you letting you know that it is leaving the area. Perfect for putting in your husband’s pocket without his knowledge. The loc8tor can also track up to 24 items at one time in case you’re super forgetful. For $100, you can get rid of that anxiety today.

[ Loc8tor ] VIA [ Gizmag ]


9 responses to “Find It With The Loc8tor”

  1. susmita says:

    thats great !

  2. SusmitaM says:

    good device

  3. WooKstah says:

    This looks like one hella cool device, but $50 bux for 2 additional tags? And the base unit only comes with 2 tags? ouch.

  4. Alex says:

    looks good but if your buying this coz you loose stuff, wont you lose the thing thats meant to stop you from loosing stuff? got yah.

    Its still awesome

  5. SusmitaM says:

    good device ?

  6. SusmitaM says:

    is it having MP player?

  7. David E says:

    No, there is no MP player. I’m guessing you meant mp3. It’s a good device if you need help looking for your lost stuff.

  8. SusmitaM says:

    is it having MP player……..?

  9. Martin says:

    What if you lose the locator?