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Blazepak Document Wallet

Blazepak Fire Resistant Document Wallet (Image courtesy Expert Verdict)By Andrew Liszewski

Another year is quickly coming to an end and still that mythical paperless office is no where to be seen. Sure things are slowly getting better but I still have folders full of important documents, contracts and receipts sitting here just ready to catch fire at a moment’s notice. Sure a safe of some sort would probably be a great investment but have you ever tried to carry one of those things? I’m sure all of Hercules’ documents were well protected but what about for us mortals?

Well the Blazepak is a fire-resistant document wallet that is both far lighter and far cheaper than a real fire-proof safe. At 40cm x 30cm in size the pouch is water repellent and fire resistant up to 400 degrees celsius so don’t go hiding it inside the reactor core at the plant cause it won’t be there when you return. The wallet is made of a high-tech sounding heat-reflective aluminised polyester backed with thermally-insulated glass needlemat fiber so anything sounding that scientific has to be safe!

The Blazepak is available from Expert Verdict for about $56 after currency conversion.

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