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EverGreen Card Reader Cleaner

EverGreen Memory Card Reader Cleaners (Image courtesy Akihabara News) By Andrew Liszewski

I have to say that so far my collection of memory cards and readers have a pretty good track record when it comes to reliability. But to anyone who ever owned, played with or even breathed near the original Nintendo Entertainment System knows, there’s always a chance of dirt or dust getting onto contacts and causing things to go terribly wrong.

From EverGreen comes what I assume to be a complete kit of special cards that can be inserted into the memory slots on any device and used to clean the metal contacts inside with a small pad of microfiber-esque fabric. Formats including SD, miniSD, XD and Memory Stick are available and each appears to be slightly longer in size than the actual media presumably to make them easier to hold onto and in turn make the cleaning process a bit easier.

[ EverGreen Card Reader Cleaner ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]


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