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Coffee Weather Station From Melitta

coffee By David Edney

We’ve all been in the situation where we wake up late and are rushing to get ready for work. We walk outside and boom, it’s pouring. Now, you have no excuse to not know how the weather is because the Melitta Smart Mill and Brew makes the coffee and displays the weather at the same time. And yeah, sure, you could turn the TV on, and wait for the weather report, but that takes too long. And, you could do something even crazier, and look outside, but that too takes effort (not to mention that it says nothing about how it’ll be in a few hours).

The machine makes up to 10 cups and has all the usual features, like an automatic whole bean grinding function, simple-pour water reservoir, warming plate with auto shut-off, permanent stainless steel filter basket, and large LCD display with bright blue backlight. Well, the blue LCD is not that standard, but that’s where the weather info goes. It uses the Microsoft DirectBand service which broadcasts on FM frequencies so it’s only available in certain areas. Check your coverage availability here, but know that coverage is included with your purchase, which should set you back about $200.

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