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Miami Fire Fireplace – Blue Is Better

Miami Fire Fireplace (Image courtesy West Country Fires Limited) By Andrew Liszewski

As hard as it is to tear myself away from the Wii I realize the gadget world isn’t going to stop just because I have a new toy so I apologize and ask for your forgiveness as I deal with this terrible addiction.

Moving on, what’s with the recent influx of overly stylish wall-mountable fireplaces? (Said in my best comedian’s voice.) Has the condo and apartment community finally gotten jealous of those home-owning suburb-dwellers and their real chimneys? That’s my conclusion.

Besides the handy remote control and lovely stainless steel finish this Miami Fire fireplace manages to stand out from the rest of the bunch by burning with a bright blue flame that appears to emit from a handful of smooth pebbles in the base. The website also mentions the fireplace’s “hidden heater technology” which is probably referring to an actual heater element inside and is hopefully not just PR/marketing speak for fire.

The Miami Fire fireplace is available from West Country Fires Limited for about $720.

[ Miami Fire Fireplace ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]


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