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Logitech Alto Laptop Dock

Logitech Alto (Images courtesy Logitech)
By Andrew Liszewski

I survived for many years with only a laptop for my computing needs and while it was incredibly convenient I’ll admit that using it without a desk often led to some un-ergonomic positions to say the least.

For anyone who’s concerned about destroying their spine while working on a laptop there’s the Alto keyboard dock from Logitech. Besides providing a full size keyboard to pound away on the Alto also has a notebook display riser which moves the laptop’s screen to a better height for viewing and overall posture. And like a lot of Logitech keyboards the Alto includes many special one-touch hot keys for adjusting volume or quick-launching email and other apps. The dock also folds flat onto itself protecting the keys if and when you need to carry it (or pack it) while travelling.

The Logitech Alto is available right now for $99.

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