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Skyacht – Personal Blimp

Skyacht (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

So it looks like that flying car we were all supposed to be driving by now is no where in sight. At least there’s not one in my driveway. Sure a couple of companies have taken a shot at designing one but in the end all we’re left with is broken dreams, empty promises and no flying cars.

But where large companies leave off, smaller independent inventors take over. Designing a safe flying car is quite an undertaking (translation: expensive) so Skyacht Aircraft Inc. decided to instead adapt a vehicle that was already tried and true. The Personal Blimp uses hot air instead of helium plus a new patented frame that keeps the envelope (balloon) rigid but can also be collapsed. So unlike those Goodyear chumps the Personal Blimp doesn’t need to be stored in an expensive hangar when not in flight.

Of course the Personal Blimp won’t be facilitating anyone’s morning commute but for recreational uses its slow and smooth flight characteristics makes it ideal even for those without a pilot’s license.

[ Skyacht Personal Blimp ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]