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Remote Control Battling Sumo Wrestlers

RC Battling Sumo Wrestlers (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)By Andrew Liszewski

My ex-coworkers and I had always dreamed of settling any office disputes via a spirited round of Rock’em Sock’em Robots but believe it or not we could never find the game where we live. Sure we could have just bought it online but that would have meant no more office ‘field trips’ trying to hunt it down.

I think these RC sumo wrestlers would have made a good alternative though. Each set comes with 2 of these wrestlers that inflate to about 13 inches in height and they’ll each occasionally shout out either ‘Hakke-yoi’ or ‘Nokotta’ which are phrases the referees typically use to keep the competitors going during an actual match. Now unfortunately these are only capable of the lame ‘drive forward and turn in reverse’ motion but the important thing is that you’re avoiding work at the office.

The RC Sumo Wrestlers are available from ThinkGeek for $44.99.

[ RC Battling Sumo Wrestlers @ ThinkGeek ]