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Turn That Hallowe’en Pumpkin Into A Thanksgiving Pumpkin

Turkey In A Box Decorating Kit (Image courtesy PlumParty) By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re like me and love the many holidays the fall season brings but would rather leave all the decorations up all year round because it’s just easier then take a look at this.

October 31 has come and gone and if the neighborhood kids haven’t already dragged your pumpkin out in the street to smash it then there’s a good chance they never will. But instead of properly disposing of it why not recycle it into a handsome Thanksgiving decoration? The Turkey In a Box Decorating Kit comes with everything you’ll need to turn that rotting jack-o-lantern into a crude stereotype of a turkey including tail feathers, wings and of course a pilgrim’s hat!

The kit is available from PlumParty for $15 and the best part is that somewhere the inventor is laughing maniacally at the fact he can actually sell these for $15. (And believe it or not the site is actually sold out at the moment.)

[ Turkey In A Box Decorating Kit ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]


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