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Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Thinking back I’ve written quite a few posts about alarm clocks designed to defeat those of us who’d rather sleep in than be on time for work. Well here’s another one that definitely takes first prize in the thinking outside the box category.

It seems the most effective way to get someone out of bed in the morning is to quite literally get them out of the bed so this alarm clock launches a small helicopter type device that will fly around the room making an annoying mosquito-like noise. Once you’ve caught the flying menace and returned it to its base you’ll want to make sure to avoid the snooze button as it will start the chase all over again when the alarm goes off.

The Flying Alarm Clock is available from for about $35 which isn’t too bad given it probably has about a weeks life expectancy until it gets smashed to bits.

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