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BSOD Returns… Kind Of

Windows BSOD (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

I can’t imagine that Microsoft was too pleased when the infamous blue screen that would appear in the event of a system crash became known as the ‘Blue Screen Of Death.‘ I think ‘Blue Screen Of Inconvenience‘ or ‘Blue Screen Of I’ll Need To Update That Driver‘ would have worked just as well but it was the association to death that really stuck.

So I was kind of surprised to find out that this screen saver that humorously mimics a BSOD crash was actually created by Microsoft themselves. While no one really needs a screen saver anymore I’m sure many pranksters will find this one irresistible… for their friend’s systems that is. BlueScreen as it’s called will cycle between different blue screens and system boot screens every 15 seconds and almost all the info shown on the BSOD is taken right from the actual system including loaded drivers and OS build number. There’s even a ‘fake disk activity’ option in the screen saver’s settings when you’re trying to fool the truly tech-savvy.

You can download the Bluescreen screen saver for free from Microsoft TechNet.

[ MS Windows BSOD Screen Saver ] VIA [ Lifehacker ]