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Petwatch Automatic Pet Feeder

Petwatch (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

I’m kind of torn when it comes to the idea of an automatic pet feeder. I’d love to own a dog right now but I don’t simply because I don’t have enough time to properly take care of one. And I hate the idea of having to leave it alone in my apartment for extended periods of time when I’m away. On the other hand I do realize that there are times when you have no choice but to leave your four legged friend at home and in those cases something like this Petwatch system is probably the best solution you’re going to find.

First off the Petwatch has 5 built-in timers that can be programmed to feed your pet at various intervals throughout the day. The device can also play a specific sound or a short message in your own recorded voice to notify your pet when food has been dispensed. But it doesn’t stop there, the Petwatch is also equipped with a built-in video camera that can connect to the internet allowing you to check in on your pet via a smartphone, PDA or computer at any time.

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