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Mitsubishi ZW Smart Air Conditioner

Mitsubish ZW Air Conditioner (Images courtesy Fareastgizmos)

I know what you’re thinking, how smart can an air conditioner really be? Well I wondered the same thing when I first saw this but I’ll admit there are some interesting ideas here.

The ZW series from Mitsubishi will come equipped with an infrared sensor they call the “Human Sensor Move Eye” (nice) which scans left and right across a room covering a range of about 160 degrees. Inside the eye a row of seven seperate sensors measures the temperature of the walls and floors collecting data from about 500 unique areas as it scans. This data is then analyzed to determine where people are probably located in the room allowing the air conditioner to automatically aim the blasts of cold air in those directions. It can also determine when no one is in the room at all and put itself into a low-performance mode which helps save energy.

The system can also deal with multiple persons in a room by automatically adjusting and aiming the upper, lower, left and right flaps that surround the air outlet sending the cool air in multiple targeted directions. Alternately you can even have the AC purposely aim the vents away from people who don’t like the direct blast of cold air.

At this time there’s no pricing or release date info for the ZW series but given the constant push for energy conservation I can see these becoming very popular.

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