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Business Card Cutter

Business Card Cutter (Image courtest Compact Impact)By Andrew Liszewski

With the current state of scanners and printers you can almost produce ‘print shop quality’ materials right at your desk. Of course I say ‘almost’ because as advanced as the technology is in consumer-level equipment they still can’t do as nice a job as the professional-level printing gear can.

Case in point it’s usually pretty obvious when someone has printed their own business cards since they typically use the pre-punched stock which results in perforated edges that doesn’t exactly scream professional. This business card cutter allows you the freedom of printing out your designs on standard card stocks but still end up with clean, professional looking edges once they’ve been cut. The blades are also adjustable meaning you’re not really limited to just cutting and trimming business cards either.

The Business Card Cutter is available from Compact Impact for a surprising $118 so for smaller runs of cards you might actually be better off having them professionally done.

[ Business Card Cutter @ Compact Impact ]