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Type Selector Font Swatch

Type Selector (Image courtesy Thames & Hudson) By Andrew Liszewski

Ok this one definitely veers more towards the design side rather than hardcore gadget but as a graphic designer I wouldn’t mind having one of these at my disposal. Finding the perfect font can usually be quite a headache and for that reason I’ve noticed a lot of designers will stick with 3 or 4 of their favorites and use them again and again. In fact I can usually tell what some of my friends have worked on just by the typography used in a project.

The Type Selector was created with the intent of making the job of finding the perfect font a lot easier. If you’ve ever seen or used a Pantone swatch which is used for picking colors for print the Type Selector will make perfect sense to you. It contains 226 fonts from the major type libraries in over 1,000 typefaces grouped into 6 categories including Serif, Slab Serif, Sans Serif, Script, Black Letter and Display. While the form factor may not be the best for quickly flipping through a bunch of fonts I can’t think of an easier way for when you want to compare them side by side.

The Type Selector is available from Thames & Hudson for $50 which is actually not that bad given how useful it could be.

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