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Flexilight – Zero-Profile LED Lighting

Flexilight (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

As the story goes designer Jos Kranen had just moved into a new house but became frustrated when all the power outlets, phone jacks and cable hook-ups were not where he needed them to be. Instead of just giving up and living with the limitations created by the original architect he started designing an ultra-flat, easy-to-use solution for rerouting power and wiring throughout his house.

While the final product is not done yet the Flexilights represent a proof of concept for the idea. Using low-voltage LEDs the lights can be laid out anywhere you route the subway map-esque cables in your home. Of course whether or not you feel flat cable running all over your walls is decorative or not is strictly subjective but I’m sure this will appeal to many people.

The Flexilights can currently be found at Feek Furniture (warning! Flash content) but there’s no info on pricing or availability. Update: We were contacted by none other than Jos Kranen himself who asked us to mention that the Flexilights are indeed available but for pricing info you’ll need to contact either FEEK or him directly.

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