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BOSS Micro BR Digital Recorder

BOSS Micro BR Digital Recorder (Image courtesy Roland) By Andrew Liszewski

While DAT recorders (digital audio tape) and the like definitely had their time in the sun these days I shudder whenever I have to use a tape-based medium for recording audio or video. Given how fragile tape really is there’s just far too much that can go wrong. (And occasionally has.)

Thankfully hard drives and solid-state memory are rapidly taking over and they’re not only far more reliable but also offer vast more storage space. Case in point this Micro BR portable recorder from BOSS. It’s just slightly larger than an iPod and offers 4 simultaneous playback tracks with 2 simultaneous record tracks literally giving you a studio in the palm of your hand. And each of the 4 main playback tracks also has 8 companion virtual-tracks giving you 32 usable tracks in total. The Micro BR also includes a tuner, a drum machine with almost 300 samples, various on-board audio effects and of course MP3 playback.

The only downside I see is that the Micro BR relies on SD cards which are still relatively small in terms of storage. A built in USB or FW connection that could record to and playback from an external hard drive would be amazing. (It does have a USB connection but not for external recording.)

The BOSS Micro BR can be found online for around $230.

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One response to “BOSS Micro BR Digital Recorder”

  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Errr the only thing bigger in solid state is Compact Flash and those would cost many times what this unit costs. you can have a 4gb SD card for around $65

    Thats not enough space ?? – This think looks pretty sweet. Wonder how long it can record (batteries ??)