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Season Shot – Probably Fake – Still Funny

Season Shot (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches I’m pretty sure the gadget-loving community has already started preparing for ‘Black Friday’ sales and deals but let’s not forget the real meaning of Thanksgiving people, well prepared poultry that at one point probably met with the business end of a shotgun.

And anyone who has ever dined on game that’s made it’s way to the table after a day of hunting (or who remembers that scene from Back To The Future III) knows that shotguns tend to leave small metal pellets throughout the meat that if not found can lead to an unexpected trip to the dentist. The creators of the Season Shot figured that if these pellets were going to be scattered throughout the meat already why not use them to add a little seasoning and flavor? The shot itself is made of tightly packed seasoning surrounded with a biodegradable food product that will actually melt away during the cooking process ensuring there are no crunchy surprises left at mealtime.

Now looking at the website I would wager that Season Shot is probably not a real product since it has a ‘style over substance’ look to it, also that low-angle shot of the hunter taking aim I find particularly funny. But if it is real I say kudos to them for finding a way to make turkey even more delicious.

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3 responses to “Season Shot – Probably Fake – Still Funny”

  1. Stephen says:

    That IS a funny idea.

  2. mollena says:

    If this IS fake, they are going through a lot to support a joke. I called the number on the site, and they called me back, leaving a message saying that I could place an order for a minimum of 2 boxes of shells. I live in San Francisco and have never hunted. Well, not for fowl. So, my thinking is that either these guys are SUPER dedicated to their prank, or have the bead (pun intended) on a new way to slaughter and season simultaneously.

  3. truth says:

    it’s not fake ..was featured on NPR this past weekend.